More than just low prices...

We understand the value of a hard earned dollar. Our goal is to help you keep more cabbage in your crisper.

At the same time, we use high quality materials so that your stuff still looks good, for a long time to come.

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Recent Projects...

Wondering what's going on at Hyper Graphix!?!

Well you're in the right place... check out some of our recent projects right here!!

kart wrap

Have a need for speed? We now do racing graphics to improve your speed. If your times are lagging, forget about a new motor, you need to invest in GRAPHICS!

Check out this full coverage wrap we did for a local GA racer. The flat black you see is a wrap, not paint!

Image 02

Yes, we do sponsor banners! If you need a source for banners at your high school, look no further than Hyper Graphix. We ship anywhere in the country.

This banner is for AZ based Agua Fria High School - GO OWLS!!

Image 03

Check out this recent AZ job, a partial wrap for Goodyear, AZ based salon:

David Gerard Salon
3810 S. Estrella #305

Drop in, check out the wrap and get a new look all at the same time!


In the News...

- 2/8/18 - Yes, we're still around, in fact, we just bought a brand new high resolution large format printer, so we're better than ever!

- 3/24/14 - For anybody that's keeping track, this month we celebrated our 11th year in business.

- 9/10/13 - Massive upgrades to our portfolio page over the last few days. If you haven't seen it lately, check it out!

- 8/26/13 - More work on the website today. Check out our YouTube page for some videos of our work.

- 7/26/13 - Huge website update! Check out our new portfolio page with a small selection of projects we've done.

- 3/01/13 - March 2013 marked our 10th anniversary. It passed quietly and without applause. Hard to believe that it has been so long since this all started from such humble beginnings.

- 2/25/13 - Today a vehicle wrap we did last year was featured on Yahoo! Sports Minute, check out the video here.

- 7/05/12 - Just in case you haven't already heard, Hyper Graphix moved out of Arizona in May 2012. Our new location is in Marietta, GA, just outside Atlanta. Although this announcement will come as a surprise to most of our clients, this has been in the works since December 2010. Check out our "About Us" page for all the details...